Sunday, February 10, 2019

Genesis By Verse - interpreted in the light of the gospels

The Xaris Gathering:  February 16, 2019 

Place  @222

4:45 pm

Genesis 4:1...


1. Chapter 4 is another interesting illustration re 'reading between the lines' of scripture. I.e. why was Cain's offering rejected? Thus far in scripture God had not given any instructions on offerings. We simply 'assume' he did. Yet, 'assuming God's intent' can be risky. Recall Gen 3:15. The Jews did not 'assume' what Christians later concluded as the meaning of this text. See:

2. In Gen 4:7 God instructs Cain to 'master' his feelings. What role should 'mastery' play in the Christian life?

3. How do Cain's words, 'am I my brother's keeper', underscore the problem of our society?

4. In Gen 4:10 God says, 'the voice of your brother's blood is crying out to Me from the ground'. Do the dead cry out to God from the grave?

5. Why would God curse the ground for all mankind because of the sin of one person (Gen 3:17; 4:12)? Did this have anything to do with Cain's 'clinging' to agriculture rather than shepherding?

6. Even after Cain committed murder, God protected him from the wrath of others (Gen 4:13-15). Why was his life not taken by God? Why was he cast out to be a wanderer?

7. Genesis 4:17 presents another beginning - the beginning of cities - initiated by Cain. Did city building end Cain's wanderering curse (Gen 4:12)?

8. Does Gen 4:26 really suggest that mankind didn't call upon the Lord until the days of Seth? Does this suggest that Adam and Eve rejected God after they were cast out of the garden?