Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Book of John


Saturday Evening, August 26, 2017

@ 4 pm  - discussion topic:  

What Science Tells Us About Good and Evil

@ 5 pm - we will continue our verse x verse study of the Gospel According to John beginning with:  Jn 4:39.

1. To what degree have unexplainable happenings (signs & wonders) caused you to believe in God?

2. What traits in others incline or disincline you to believe whatever they say? (physical beauty, voice, wealth, skills, education, age, etc.)

3. Which reason for belief in God do you think is more readily transformative in a person's lifestyle: (a) belief based on the inexplicable or (b) belief based on the teachings of Jesus?

4. If it possible to have been a life-long member of the Christian faith based on the inexplicable without actually ever becoming a Christian - a disciple of the teachings of Jesus?

Can't make it on Saturday evening? Connect with 'Uncorked' at JJ's Wine Bar. We meet there most Tuesday evenings from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. This is fellowship time. There isn't an agenda - except getting to know one another a little better, encouraging one another, etc. Purchasing a glass of wine is optional. Beer, soda, coffee, and various food items also available.