Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Gospel According to John

This Week at Xaris:  April 28, 2018 

Place  1101 Downs Blvd.,  The Colburns

4 pm Discussion - Playful Paradox

5 pm Bible Study:  John 12, beginning at verse 36


1. Jesus was sent as Light and invited folks to believe in the Light, but then hid himself. Why?

2. Jesus said, believe in the Light and be saved, but then stated that God would blind them from seeing the light. Why?

3. The people asked for signs and they were given many signs, but then refused to believe. Why?

4. The scriptures foretold of a Messiah who would come and remain forever with them, and Jesus claimed to be that promised Messiah, yet said he would be crucified. How could both be true?

5. Many of the rulers who believed in him neither followed him nor confessed him, while many of the people who followed him did not believe in him. How does this happen? 

6. Jesus stated 'if you believe in Me, you don't believe in Me, but you believe in God'. Similarly, Jesus said 'if you see Me, you don't see Me, but you see God.' So, why did Jesus present so many paradoxical statements to a generation of concrete thinkers?

1. Serious Playfulness